Classes dedicated for each moment of a woman' s life

Prenatal ~ Mama and Baby

Pregnancy, birthing, then motherhood are important experiences in a woman's life, physically as much as emotionally. Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga can help support women during these stages.The classes, specially created for moms-to-be and moms will help to build strength and keep a proper posture.  While these times can be exhausting, the classes will promotes to increase energy. Reduce the stress in a period of lots of questions, uncertainty, fears, tensions. Reduce or even eliminates discomfort. During class,  I take care of you as a woman, a mom-to-be, a mother.

Classes promotes better circulation, relaxation, body awareness and acceptance of these changes. Pregnancy is a shared experience with your baby that keep goes on after you birth.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a very beneficial practice for pregnancy, birthing and after when you had your baby. The classes' goal is to assist future mamas during pregnancy with conscious breathing exercices, pelvic floor work and asanas practice to develop strength in order to carry your baby and birth, stretching to feel better in your body and create space to share with your baby, relaxation in order to live a more peaceful pregnancy and welcome baby in your life. Prepare for an empowered, mindful, natural birth with other moms (to-be). This classes are exclusively hold for women in order to give them a space where they can feel completely free and aware of their own body. 

Mama and Baby

Slowly and gently reconnect with your body after birthing. Find sensations, learn to listen to this "changed" body and also share your practice with your baby. Breathing exercices, core strength and pelvic floor work, stretching and restorative poses build the class. And of course baby Yoga time. This class is exclusively reserved for mamas and babys*. 

* until pre-crawling