One type of class for each person


Flow Yoga

You are beginners or you have been practicing yoga for a little while, you will learn the asanas, understand them and have the chance to go deeper in your practice. Based on traditional asana, connect your breath with your mouvement, be mindful and listen to your body. Sequencing is build around sun salutations.

Wellness Yoga

This class is designated to people who wish to have a better understanding of how their body operates and learn to reconnect with it. Specially if you have been injured or have a long standing pain, you will learn to retake the control on your body, and eventually let go and accept what it is.

Restorative Yoga

Long restoratives poses supported by props allow the body to release stress and tensions. This class is a real peaceful and relaxing moment that helps to bring balance in your demanding daily life and center your energies. You will leave class more relax, soothe and energize.


PiYoga combines the techniques of Pilates and Yoga. Focus, flexibility and exercices based on core strength and pelvic floor work. Deep breathing with a precise alignment, slow and guided movements build the class. 

This class promotes a better and proper posture, reduces or eliminates pain, having a better understanding of the body. 

All levels

You are beginners or you are familiar with the PiYoga method, you learn to find sensations practicing at your own pace. The exercices help to work out deeply and adapt to each morphology. Breathing awareness goes with each movement and help to connect to your body. the method can be practiced at all ages and as good to non exercice persons as athletic people.  Relaxation time ends the class.